Get Into MoRe Features


Demand Pace Analysis

Pacing ahead or behind? A Get Into MoRe user never plays the guessing game! Swiftly compare this year's demand to last year's and take appropriate action to increase or shift demand. Filter on segment or size of inquiry for a more precise approach.

Demand Calendar

You want to know where the heat is? We've got you covered! The Demand Calendar is a heat map that allows you to easily spot the days with high and low demand and act accordingly. Filter on booking status or market segment to go into detail.


Having access to all KPI's has never been so easy. Of course compared to last year and for a period you filter out. Effortlessly compare on the books revenue to forecast and budget using the crystal clear dashboard.

Business Overview

Let's talk figures in the Business Overview. This dashboard presents you with a detailed look into revenues for both Meetings & Events and rooms split up by booking status.
Build sales goals for your team and easily monitor conversion filtered out per sales person.

Lead Time Analysis

This is a dashboard for the strategic master minds: Effortlessly analyse lead time for any date or period per size of event, revenue category or segment and predict future business to make the right decision at the right time.

Meeting Room Occupancy

Track and monitor overall meeting room occupancy and occupancy per meeting room in your hotel for both historic, current and future time spans. Interpret and take data driven decisions.

Didn't find what you are looking for?

We enjoy sitting together with our MoRe-users to discuss the future development of the tool. This means we develop and release new features quite often. Didn't see a certain feature that makes a difference for you above? We're definitely interested to learn what it is. Don't hesitate to be in touch!

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