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Business Intelligence in hotel Meetings & Events

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Hello everyone, my name is Niki (*Hi, Niki*) and I have a confession to make: I used to be an Excel Reporter.

The worst part is that I can’t say I was just experimenting. Months went by with me creating and completing Excel sheets to monitor Meetings and Events revenues at a large chain hotel. Let’s call it Hotel X for the sake of it. At brighter days it was just a small update or fix but at my darkest time hours went by with just me and my Excel sheets. No customer contact, no follow-ups, no analysing revenues or decision making. Just me inputting data in Excel, that’s all.

It seems though, I am not alone. Statistics show that only 9% of hotels use some sort of business intelligence for the Meetings and Events department. Luckily, we have seen some sort of digitalisation in hotels. For example, on how our guests open the door of their hotel room. We went from old school keys to key cards and for some early adapting hotels Smartphone solutions.

Still we are lagging seriously behind. A study of the Harvard Business Review shows the hospitality sector on place 19 of 22 in terms of sector digitalisation. To add a framework: this is one place higher than the construction industry. The top players are to be found in, of course, the Information & Communications technology and Media followed by Professional Services and Finance & Insurance. It’s a shame when you think of all the missed-out opportunities for greater efficiency and creating better customer experiences. Time lost is irretrievable so every minute spent on building reports is a minute not spent strengthening customer relationships or analysing and understanding data to make strategical Meetings and Events sales decisions.

At Get Into More we recently performed a study on our customer hotels, both independent- and chain-, to examine how much time they used to spent creating or updating reports. Results vary between 2 and 5 hours a week with an average of 3 hours per hotel per week. This adds up to 156 hours a year or 21 full workdays spent only on reporting and this only for the Meetings & Events department. For the hotels that participated in this study times have changed for the better. Using Get Into More they have all the key department information they need at their fingertips ready to go and conquer the world.

Even my life changed for the better. I found shelter at Get Into More where, after a short rehabilitation period, I am now responsible for everything related to business development and sales. Please contact me for anything and understand that I know what you have been through.

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