• Niki Van den Broeck

Looking for commercial talent

We are Get Into MoRe, the N°1 Business Intelligence tool for Meetings, Events and Group Business optimization. We are looking for commercial talent to help us grow, to infinity and beyond!

We would love to meet you if you recognize yourself in the following description:

  • People describe you as open and sociable

  • You wear your heart on your sleeve

  • You are driven and self-motivated. If you get a crazy idea in the middle of the night, you’ll tell us about it in the morning.

  • You find this sentence disturbing on many levels: “That’s how we’ve always done things.”

  • You take ownership of your decisions.

  • You love the hospitality industry

  • Innovation really excites you

  • You are looking forward to using this emoji often, very often: 🚀

What do we have to offer?

  • Freedom of schedule and workplace

  • An important role in our core-team

  • The opportunity of a lifetime

  • A real challenge

  • We’ve been told we’re fun to be around, just putting this out there.

You might have a background in Meetings & Events Sales, Revenue Management, Tech Sales, maybe you are looking for your first “real” job, maybe you did something completely different. Personality comes a long way. Let’s have a chat!

If you’re interested, please e-mail and include a link to your LinkedIn profile (It’s 2020, right?). Pick 3 of the following challenges / questions and answer / complete! Send proof.

  1. Were Rachel and Ross on a break? YES or NO, motivate!

  2. You can travel in time. To which period do you travel, why?

  3. Which innovative product or concept will have the biggest impact on society, why?

  4. What is the coolest thing you’ve ever done?

  5. You win €200.000. How do you spend it?

  6. Include a picture of you with night shop owner.

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