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Function Space optimisation

Our Solutions


Get Into MoRe

The N°1 Business Intelligence tool for Meetings, Events and Group Business

It's impossible to navigate in the dark. Get into MoRe switches the light on and helps you turn data into action. The solution is integrated to your Event Management System and provides highly user-friendly analytics about demand, performance, granular conversion, segmentation, revenue streams, meeting room performance, lead time and much more. MoRe eliminates all blind spots and empowers teams to take data-driven decisions on a daily basis.



The First AI Powered RMS for Meetings, Events and Group Business

Function Space inventory management is best described as a high-stakes game of Tetris. It's an everyday challenge to fill the available space in the most profitable way, leaving as little rooms empty as possible. MAX makes the puzzle for you. The AI is trained to predict the likelihood of receiving more profitable inquiries than the one sitting on your desk right now. The output is based on a simple traffic light principle: If you get a green light, you send out an offer. If you get a red light, something better will come along. The result is a situation where no opportunities are missed.

When we say fully automated, we mean it.

Get Into MoRe integrates with the most popular Event Management Systems and is coninuously adding integrations to the list. Reach out to find out more about how we make systems talk to each other. 


We Integrate with Your PMS or S&C System

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