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Our Mission

Function Space deserves a spot at the center of a hotel's commercial strategy.  Function Space revenue management should therefor be elevated to a level that represents this ambition. Get Into MoRe is there to support commercial teams along every step of the way.

Our Story

The idea for Get Into MoRe was born on the back of a paper napkin and the result of a disappointing search for the perfect solution. The Get Into MoRe founders have been in Revenue Management for longer than they dare to admit. On a mission to introduce Total Revenue Management, including Meetings & Events optimisation, they felt like they were doing nothing else than updating spreadsheets, leaving little time for the actual think work. Frustrated they searched the online market place for solutions to provide clear insights dedicated to this important revenue stream. They came back empty handed and decided to start working on a solution themselves. Now, a couple of years later we proudly offer 2 solutions designed to make the complex simple. 

The Get Into MoRe team shares the ambition to impact the future of business. Both solutions are constantly improved with new features designed to add value  in an ever changing meetings landscape. Every decision we take is tested against the following 3 core values:

Integrated: We do not believe in double work and favour an integrated approach. As much as possible we make systems talk to each other. 

Ownership: everything we build is designed to increase confidence and ownership within teams.

Decrease friction: We make life easier. Everything we do is designed to streamline workflows.

Core Values

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